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Published on February 6th, 2014 | by Rhonda Winter


Alaska Next State to Legalize Marijuana?


Will Alaska become the next state in the union to legalize marijuana use? Cannabis legalization activists have now gathered more than enough signatures to qualify a legal weed ballot measure for the next statewide election, which will be held August 19. Voters will be given the opportunity to reform their state’s pot policy to give all adults 21 and older legal access to cannabis, as well as allowing citizens to grow the plants or buy marijuana directly from licensed retailers.


Alaskans already voted by an 18 point margin to legalize medical marijuana back in 1998, and state residents are also currently allowed to possess up to four ounces of cannabis for personal use in their homes, due to a 1975 court ruling citing the right to privacy.


Support Growing for Legal Weed


If voters do decide to legalize marijuana this summer, they will be riding a growing wave of public support for pot legalization. Perhaps due to the economic success of voter approved cannabis reform in both Washington and Colorado, national public opinion polls have shown that the large majority of US citizens now believe that our nation’s unnecessary weed prohibition should come to an end, and that marijuana should once again be made legal federally.

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