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Published on July 17th, 2013 | by Rhonda Winter


Washington State Releases Revised Laws on Marijuana Business


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Even though marijuana is now legal in Washington and Colorado, the specific nuts and bolts explaining just how the voter approved pot economy will actually function are still being sorted out. However, some of the necessary regulations are now being created; earlier this month the Washington State Liquor Control Board released new changes to their draft rules regarding the legal cultivation and sale of cannabis.

These weed regulations contain a number of significant changes and improvements, including allowing for outdoor marijuana cultivation, and requiring all pot to be grown by organic methods. Seattle’s excellent free weekly, the Strangerhas highlighted some of the new regulatory revisions that are now being proposed:

Outdoor Farms: Directly contradicting the first draft, the new rules allow for outdoor production, so expect Eastern Washington sun-grown cannabis to be cheaper than the high-end indoor varieties that require expensive artificial lighting and electricity.

Organic: The only fertilizers, nutrients, and pesticides allowed must be approved for use in organic production under federal standards. But those products may not be labeled organic unless federal rules allow it.

Landlords: The board nixed a controversial proposal that would have required landlords to sign an affidavit admitting to federal law violations.

Hash Ban Relaxed: Hash and hash oil would be sold in retail outlets, but only if first adulterated with a minute amount of non-pot additive, like glycerin, ethanol, or propylene glycol. This is due to the liquor board’s quirky interpretation of the law—specifically the verb “contain”—so that extracts of marijuana do not “contain” marijuana unless they are mixed with something other than marijuana.

Hours: Legal pot may be purchased between 8 a.m. and midnight, four hours less than alcohol.  

These recent changes may help to clarify how marijuana legalization will work in the region, but the state agency is also continuing to accept public comment through July 31 of this year. You can send your public comments about this issue via e-mail to: Final regulations are scheduled to be approved in Washington on August 14, and the state’s entire legal cannabis infrastructure is currently set to be implemented on the first of December.

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