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Published on June 12th, 2013 | by Rhonda Winter


Legal Weed? US Map Shows Just How Harsh or Mellow Your State Is


Are you curious where your state currently stands on legal marijuana? It seems like each month another legislature decides to decriminalize pot possession or improve access to medical cannabis. Fortunately, to help us keep the changing legal status of pot straight, Rolling Stone has just published an excellent interactive map which clearly illustrates all of the different cannabis laws in each of our US states.

The status of weed is fairly extreme in our country — ranging from fully legal marijuana in Washington and Colorado, to, well, potheads should definitely consider avoiding the super sketchy state of Texas. That bright red region arrested more people for cannabis related offenses than any other state in the union; and nearly half of all drug arrests in Texas  were just for simple marijuana possession.

pot map

You can access this fascinating interactive weed map in Rolling Stone’s Weed Issue.



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