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Published on February 2nd, 2013 | by Rhonda Winter


Marijuana is Just a Plant, and Other Recommended Books for Children


It's Just a Plant

It’s Just a Plant is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about marijuana by Ricardo Cortés, who also helped create the bedtime story classic Go the Fuck to Sleep. This juvenile cannabis tale chronicles the journey of a young girl as she learns more about the plant from various adults in her life, including her parents, a local farmer, a medical doctor and a cop. The book goes on to answer the child’s many questions about the purpose and proper use of pot, and offers honest rational information about the popular plant.

It's Just a Plant

When It’s Just a Plant was initially published a few years ago, this is how Cortés described the story plot in High Times:

“She goes to a farm, and the farmer talks to her about how it grows, how it has seeds and how it’s used for a lot of different things. People use corn for eating, people use marijuana for making canvas, paper, etc. Then there’s a medicinal aspect: How does it affect the body? In the story she goes to a doctor to find out about it. He tells her patients use it as a medicine; there are many plants used as medicine. The doctor also explains that because it’s a medicine, it’s not for children.”

This straight forward educational book for kids unapologetically unfolds through a pro-legalization filter, and could potentially be a most useful tool for parents to help them more openly discuss marijuana with their children.


Some of the story illustrations, such as this interpretation of the infamous meeting between President Nixon and Elvis Presley, have a  distinctly surreal quality.


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