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Published on September 2nd, 2012 | by Rhonda Winter


Five Handy Uses for a Male Marijuana Plant


As a cancer patient, the state of California already legally allows me to grow my own medical cannabis plants for personal use. In this November’s election three states will also be voting to legalize weed for all adults over 21 years of age. Since soon even more people may be legally growing their own pot, here are a few tips for what to do with your male marijuana plants.


Differentiating between Males & Females


male cannabis plant

This male pot plant can be distinguished by its many flower clusters.

female pot plant

By comparison, this young female cannabis plant has no flowers, but instead has sticky white hairs at her internodes, which will develop into buds.

For growers who propagate their marijuana plants directly from clones, dealing with male plants is never an issue, as each clone is identical to its female parent. But if you are growing cannabis from seed, about half of your plants will likely be male, and will produce no buds. Many people believe male plants are useless, but I disagree. Here are five tips for what to do with your male pot plants:


#1 Companion Plant Natural Pest Control

Pungent and drought tolerant cannabis plants attract beneficial insects, while also naturally deterring many destructive garden pests. This year I interplanted a large male marijuana plant in with my brussel sprouts, and everything is thriving. We also included some nasturtiums, thyme and rosemary in the same bed, as these plants also also beneficial companion plants. In our climate brussels are traditionally difficult to grow successfully, and are usually invested with aphids, but this season my vegetables have never been healthier.

 cannabis companion planting

#2 Baked Edibles


Dried male pot plants can be cooked down with butter or oil to make delicious medicinal cookies or other tasty treats.


#3 Smoking Dried Male Flowers


Lately I have been experimenting with clipping off most of my male plant’s flowers and drying them to smoke. The flowers are much less powerful than female buds, but produce a more mellow and subdued high.

male cannabis flowers

These clipped male flowers have been left to dry in the sun.


#4 Bean or Pea Poles


As autumn approaches and your male plants are just beginning to fade, try planting peas, beans or climbing over-wintering cover crop seeds at the base of your marijuana stalks. Some of my heartier males have reached nine or ten feet in height, and serve as excellent growing support from vining vegetables or legumes.


#5 Seeds


Many cannabis farmers immediately destroy any male plant so that their female plants do not become pollinated, but I like to allow our females to produce a few organic seeds for our next growing season. Two or three of the biggest, healthiest male plants are kept alive with most of their flowers clipped off on the very far end of our garden, far away from the females, but close enough so that a handful of genetically diverse seeds are produced for next year.

male marijuana plant

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  • Ego Death

    Thoroughly enjoyed! Cultivate life, cultivate love, cultivate herb. All plants have their uses. Thanks for the article man!

  • smoke420

    Does male plants produce any seeds?

    • Rhonda Winter

      No, seeds are only produced by female marijuana plants that have been pollinated by a male.

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  • Richard

    Thanks for the info! (love your About! :-)

  • Mike

    I invested in some marijuana for my friend & I kept some myself. I found 8 seeds and planted them all. I only have 1 that has come through but I cannot identify it. It had two oval shaped leafs and in between them, there are two marijuana leafs, they are curving down towards the ground.

    How am I able to identify this?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Rhonda Winter

      How big is your seedling? The plant may be too young to be able to identify its sex yet. If it is a male, it will start to develop flowers at the base of its stems, while female plants will start to develop little white hairs. I hope that this information is helpful.

  • bob drosma

    my daughter came into the back yard and was flabbergasted at the one male and four females….male being seven feet tall. i will thank the growth angels and cut it down to prevent cross pollination yet will hang it upside down to allow the internal oils to flow onto the leaves…when dry a marvelous homade Encino,Ca. sun tea for the sipping

    • Cabron

      Sun tea? Explain. You mean canni milk concoction?

    • Maggie Winter

      Oh yes do please explain, sounds good;)

  • Mash

    one of the best uses is to blend the male leaves into fruit smoothies. tasty, good all day energy and make a wonderful green color. many health benefits from using the fresh leaf as a food. if you have a high speed blender like a vitamix it will blend to creaminess. it is easily blended into fresh made hemp seed/coconut oil mylk to make a beautiful colored tasty nut mylk. blessings on your gardens. this is the real medicine

  • Pati Wallette

    i’m not quite sure about this…do i need the male plants? & what for & how?

    • Rhonda Winter

      You don’t need male plants, unless you want to save seed; but if you are growing cannabis directly from seed, you will end up with some male plants.

  • L’sJournals

    just wondering how to get a high from my plant thats only 2 months old thats been growing in the cold north – now winter is here i gotta bring it in but need to destroy all the evidence in the next month before i go overseas and leave the house to family members…..not sure if its male or female – been trying to determine by reading your posts….grew it from seed from a stash….

    • Rhonda Winter

      If you have to pull up your plants that are only two months old, it does not matter so much if they are male or female, because they will not have had time to produce buds. If you dry and smoke the young plant and leaves, you will get a bit of a high, but probably not much. If you are so inclined, perhaps consider making edibles with them instead?

  • ajitesh

    I have cannabis plants in my place. They are 4 months old and out of the 7, i found that 1 is a male. What can i do with it? Should i pluck it out?

    • Rhonda Winter

      If you do not want the female plants to produce seeds, you should remove the male plant.

  • blackhammer

    I have a male and the leaf smells sweet doesn’t taste to bad and makes you really sleepy. Bush!
    Yet to try the tips.

  • Kat

    I think I have a hermi :’( planted 5, thought I got 2 females but one of them is making flowers like the males did, different than the other males tho, I really thought it was female but now I’m doubting it, even tho it looks different from the others. It has white hairs but lots of seed looking things :( I pulled it just in case. I got robbed! mostly males! boo hoo

    • Rhonda Winter

      Hermaphrodite cannabis plants can occur frequently, especially if the plant has been under stress. From what you described, it sounds like your female got pollinated and is producing seeds, which is frustrating , but can be useful for growing more plants in the future. Also, male plants can be used to make edibles, so it doesn’t have to be a total loss.

  • Kat

    Is it too late to clone my female if I have already had it on 12/12 for 2 weeks? lots of white hairs but nothing that looks like bud yet :(

    • Rhonda Winter

      It should not be to late to clone your female, but consider utilizing a natural rooting hormone to help the cutting grow roots. The white hairs come first, then the buds should arrive later, as long as the female plant does not get pollinated by a male.

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