Politics vote against amendment 1 in north carolina

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Civil Rights Under Attack: North Carolina’s Constitutional Amendment One


vote against amendment 1 in north carolina


Have we forgotten that we all are mothers, sisters and brothers, and are connected to one another? On May 8th, North Carolina voters will vote on  Amendment 1, which could rewrite the constitution of North Carolina and promote civil discrimination. The proposed measure states that the:

“Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized by the State.”



It is enough to oppose Amendment 1 because of its obvious attack on human rights for the LGBT community, but “legal unions” is an important legal term that has very significant implications for all people living in North Carolina.  The way this amendment is written significantly reduces the rights of gays, women and children as well.


How Amendment One Impacts Us


  • The  human rights of LGBTQ  people will continue to be violated by not allowing gay marriage. This egregious overstep by our government eliminates the availability to health care, financial, and legal protections that straight couples receive when they become married.
  • Women, children and anyone in the LGTBQ community who are not married, whether they have children or not, will no longer be protected by domestic violence laws. We saw it happen in Ohio and Mississippi, this is not a hypothetical argument.
  • Many women and children will lose health care coverage, as they will no longer be eligible for inclusion on a family health care plan.
  • Some parents will lose child custody and visitation rights because of this amendment.


I am honestly appalled at our current political environment. Have we become a nation suffering from borderline personality syndrome? Is our nation slipping back into a time where we are so outwardly polarized that to maintain a party line we have to hate others who are different?  Why do we not want human rights for every person regardless of race, gender, and sex?  Why do we not want every person to have access to health care, and protection against domestic violence?  And why are these issues defined by our political party rather than our own  moral compass? Civil rights should not be party specific.


Campaign Finance Reform Needed


Perhaps our nation has  become so divisive because we have been diseased by the prospect of power and greed. Some may claim that it is religious zealotry which is behind our dismal national mood, but money seems like the more plausible culprit. Our politicians have sold their souls for misguided political expediency to satiate their monied donors. Money has no healthy role in politics. Please vote to support everyone’s civil rights.


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