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Published on April 9th, 2012 | by Rhonda Winter


Taxes Pay for What?


How our government chooses to spend our tax dollars has been prominent in my mind  lately. Yesterday while we were walking to the farmers market in downtown San Francisco, we came across this evocative message inserted into the newspaper stands in front of City Hall.

Taxes Pay for What?

A few months ago I briefly saw a different message in this same downtown space, a direct question concerning marriage. This temporary appropriation of public space might not be the most effective manner in which to propose marriage, but it is an innovative method to instigate an open-ended community dialogue.

Taxes Pay for What?

Comprehending, as well as questioning, just what our taxes pay for is a most worthwhile endeavor during this this time of year. Especially since the majority of our tax dollars continue to fund our nation’s bloated military industrial complex and permanent war economy. Do you really know where all of the money you pay in taxes is going?

Taxes Pay for What?

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