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Published on April 6th, 2012 | by Rhonda Winter


Endangered Baby Hippo Rescued by South African Animal Sanctuary


hippo bath

Last week Britain’s Daily Mail reported about a South African wildlife sanctuary that is now caring for an orphan baby hippopotamus, who was rejected by its mother shortly after it was born. The hippo has been named Prince Harry, is just a few days old, and will require round the clock care.┬áThe eleven pound infant presently needs 125 ml of milk every few hours.


hippo drinking

Adorable tiny orphaned creatures have been in the news recently. In February we told you the heart-warming story of a nurturing bulldog in Germany who adopted an entire litter of orphaned wild boar piglets. The adopted tiny Prince Harry is doing very well in the animal sanctuary, and continues to thrive.

hippo biting nose

Pygmy hippos only grow to roughly three feet in height; they are rare, reclusive and also critically endangered. The creatures are nocturnal and live mostly of the daylight hours underwater, then venture onto land at night to consume leaves, fruits and grass.

hippo standing

hippo sleeping

images are via the Daily Mail



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