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Published on March 7th, 2012 | by Rhonda Winter


Green Renaissance: Helping Nature to Fight Back

bicycle mower

This inspiring image of a bicycle-powered lawn mower drifted through my social media stream today. The pedal-powered idea is so simple and beautiful, it is utterly genius. This device motivates me to somehow create a bicycle driven washing machine.

The photo came from a South African film production company called Green Renaissance; the organization specializes in working with non-profits and other environmentally conscious businesses interested in promoting nature conservation and sustainability. Here are a few more engaging images from their photo stream:

teapot garden

green house

round house

hanging garden

This is how the production company describes themselves and the nature of the work that they do:

“Green Renaissance is a division of African Renaissance Productions, a South African production company that focuses on tailoring environmentally specific media branding for businesses. Green Renaissance endeavours to help companies communicate a transparent agenda for environmental change.

With the environmental effects of bad business reflecting more and more prominently in the media, often, the good work that was being done went unnoticed, due to a lack of effective and engaging exposure.

We feel that more should be done to, not only bring attention to the unsung heroes of the green movement, but encourage more businesses to get on board. We’d like to encourage businesses to approach environmentalism not simply as a charity, but as an opportunity to work with the environmental sector as partners for a mutually beneficial end.”


all images & videos are via Green Renaissance

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4 Responses to Green Renaissance: Helping Nature to Fight Back

  1. Brett Gustafson says:

    That badger was so cute!

  2. Mike Lewis says:

    “inspiring image of a bicycle-powered lawn mower” … “utterly genius”
    Are you kidding? Bike LM have been in use for years.
    “bicycle driven washing machine”
    also done – many times

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