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Published on November 10th, 2011 | by Rhonda Winter


Wealth Gap Map Shows Road to Next Great Depression


This wealth distribution map graphic hit me in the gut this morning. It clearly conveys visually how very much is owned by so few. The simple map really helps one to grasp just how monumentally distorted our resource inequality problem is.

I am so sick of people toying with language, calling what has been happening economically a “recession”. It is time that we all stop claiming that somehow we are not in the midst of the most massive global economic implosion in the history of our nation. It’s more than a “great” depression, it is absolutely epic.

The growing income disparity chasm in the United States today is far more extreme than even the dangerously unstable levels preceding the Great Depression. Food stamp usage has increased more than 74% since 2007. The New York Times just reported on the enormous expanding population that has been thrust into extreme poverty; over 46 million people now in our nation are living below the poverty line:

“Another 2.6 million people slipped into poverty in the United States last year, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday, and the number of Americans living below the official poverty line, 46.2 million people, was the highest number in the 52 years the bureau has been publishing figures on it.”

wealth gap map

The Other 98% shared this powerful graphic from the nice folks at the growing Occupy movement near you.


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11 Responses to Wealth Gap Map Shows Road to Next Great Depression

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  2. Thinking says:

    After 3 nights of brainstorming and lack of sleep I’ve came to one conclusion. There will never be a good system for all humanity because all of the systems out there such as capitalism, communism, etc are all human made. Humans aren’r perfect nor the things they create. What we need is a system, a set of laws that are made by a perfect person. Something convincing.

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  4. Uncle B says:

    What is coming to the Western World will not be pretty. The frightful mess in Iranwill force war, will force a polarization in the pan Eurasian Alliances, forming a new and pwerful Empire of coalitins, will see Israel disappear in a puff of nuclear dust, will see U.S.A. fail economically, raping Canada and here resouces as she sinks.
    Teh Dragon’s teeth are her Uber Rich ultra brightr Elite, th ey are not “civilized” as the term applies in America. They await the U.S. fatted calves as burnt offerings on their Alters. The “population bomb” they intend igniting will starve the world. Western vulture Capitalists have already sold the U.S. peons out.

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  6. John says:

    Did the 1% steal their land? Did they take it away from the other 99%? Did they EARN it? Did their families EARN it? Did they save and invest to get it?
    Stop whining. Most of us are working hard so that one day we can become one of the “1%”. We don’t want to EAT the rich in America. We want to BE the rich. Your bull works better in nations like Cuba where the overall majority of people are poor, and have a slim chance of being anything but poor.

    • My family is from Cuba, and I have studied Spanish there at Havana University. Education and health care in Cuba are free, and the nation has much higher literacy rates and lower infant mortality rates than the United States. Many of the richest individuals inherited their wealth and then chose to use their enormous financial influence to lobby politicians to twist tax laws and monetary regulations for their benefit. This is why Warren Buffet’s secretary pays a much higher tax rate than her billionaire employer does. I do not want to be rich, I just want others to not be homeless, destitute and starving.

      • John says:

        Sorry- I did not check back to see this reply.
        Rhonda- I taught 5 years in Miami, and have a completely different side of the story; people who risked their lives leaving the wonderful country you speak of. I guess we can agree to disagree on that one.
        Warren Buffet pays a lower tax rate because he uses the loopholes provided to him by congress, who are also responsible for setting the tax rates. How nice for them to be able to raise tax rates at the same time as providing ways for people to get around paying those taxes- most of the time including themselves. However, I don’t believe MOST rich people have their money because of twisting the tax rules. Perhaps if you had some stats on that.
        Perhaps I can restate the “want to BE rich” statement. I don’t think greed is good, but I think Americans want to improve their financial situation. I want my kids to be better off than I am, go to a good college, buy a home, etc. Capitalism allows me to do that better than any other system. There is more movement between the income strata than in any other system (Walter Williams, “More Liberty Means Less Government”). If a person in this country has money, they have more than likely earned it- or someone in their family did. For me to demand that their earnings somehow belong to me is ludicrous. I believe in property more than redistribution. In the end, history is on my side.

    • marvin nubwaxer says:

      “We want to BE the rich” which we are you speaking of with this false assumption? normal people earning a wage/salary somewhere around 50-100k are quite content with that standard of living and given a choice would most often prefer more free time than more money.
      it’s actually only a small percentage of the population who are money mad whereas most people do not equate success with wealth as you state.

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  8. Uncle B says:

    Asian Berth
    Absolutely no way that one hide could possibly merit such a large share of the goodies! There is no way, without the leverage of usury and corrupted corporate law, could one belly button be worth so much more than all the other belly buttons! With riches comes responsibility! Even as we learn from the Chinese Communists, where Capitalism (there’s and ours) is used very skillfully for the benefit of their whole of society!
    We watch now as the U.S.A. is economically and systematically raped, pushed aside, and beaten into submission by its own version of predatory, opportunist, vulture Capitalism, even with Detroit City as our witness. Asians have feasted on the blood of American Capital, and drained U.S.A. of its huge Capital advantage, its riches, its gold, its silver, its technologies – all excised to Asia by skillful Asian business people, for the benefit of Asians, and with the complicity of the very greediest Capitalists on earth – American ones. Peon! You were so sold out! Your infrastructure in ruins, your aims and goals in life so sadly distorted by the Great Corporate American Propaganda Whores dissertations, insistence that you could only be happy with SUV’s in a McMansion driveway – a tool used to squeeze the last chance at sustainable survival out of your ass! Now those same Uber Rich families, families of plutocrats, international gangsters, the shareholders of the mulch-nationals that sold you out, learn Mandarin and seek comfortable berth in this same Asia they willfully enriched.

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