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Published on October 31st, 2009 | by Rhonda Winter


Did Diet Coke Cause My Cancer?


Recently I have been reading very disturbing research showing how possibly Diet Coke can cause cancer and kill you. The artificial sweetener that is used in most diet beverages, aspartame, once ingested, becomes a lethal poison called methyl alcohol. Small quantities of this noxious substance can lead to blindness and death; even the most miniscule amounts of this aspartame toxin are strongly linked to cancer.


cancer tumor

This is a cancerous tumor that was removed from my body.

The National Cancer Institute has identified a significant increase in brain cancer beginning in 1984, one year after millions of people starting consuming the recently introduced artificial sweetener aspartame. The strong correlation between this popular new chemical and the rapid rise of cancer rates during this time period is stunning and frightening.

Research Calls for Urgent Action


The peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, has published a major study called the First Experimental Demonstration of Multipotential Carcinogenic Effects of Aspartame Administered in the Feed to Sprague-Dawley Rats” which found a significant increase in cancer in rats that had been administered small amounts of aspartame. The scientific research calls for:

“…an urgent reevaluation of the current guidelines for the use and consumption of this compound.”

Does Diet Coke = Death?


I rarely ever drink sodas, but have had the occasional Diet Coke in the past. I never knew that with every sip I was slowly pickling my brain in poisonous wood alcohol. I certainly now will never drink another aspartame laced beverage again.



This is a short video that was shot of a massive cancerous tumor that was removed from my body earlier this month at UCSF. I doubt that Diet Coke actually caused my cancer, but the frothy brown liquid that comes gushing forth from this disgusting growth looks somewhat like the aforementioned sweet bubbly beverage.

This is the first time my giant cancer tumor was drained.

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  • John adams

    While aspartame is toxic, they neglect to inform the public that to cause the same toxic effects seen in rats, an average human being has to ingest 500 cans of soda a day.

    More often then not, cancer is a biproduct of existing in an oxidative environment. I doubt your drinking of diet coke contributed to your tumor. My condolences.

    • Lynn

      Nice little piece of disinfo there, John. It takes a lot less formaldyhide (aspartame in diet soda) than 500 cans per day to cause not only cancer but NUMEROUS other conditions such as Parkinsons Disease (Michael J. Fox and his Diet Pepsi addiction). I am living proof that this stuff is deadly. I drank it for five years and became dizzy, nauseous and weak along with constant ringing in my ears. I stopped the toxic garbage and got better within a couple of weeks, except for the ringing in my ears (tinnitus) which seems to be permanent. I went to high school with a girl who was head cheer leader, an over achiever and very popular who just died recently of a brain tumor. She was addicted to diet coke. Avoid this junk like the PLAGUE!

      • Alex

        The plural of anecdote is not data. John supplied quantifiable information. Lynn, you supplied several anecdotes, and dragged Michael J Fox into the thing.

  • boner holiday

    I think cancer takes more than one year to kill you so aspartame wouldn’t have caused the deaths in the first year.

  • C.Nates

    How can anybody pinpoint the source of any cancer or disease unless there is overwhelming evidence?

    However, regarding diet soft drinks:

    As very few people remember history, even recent history of the past 20 years or so, and since few in the media report such things, you may be interested to know that back in the 90’s there were documented reports of people suffering seizures and the evidence “pointing at” the consumption of 2 to 4 cans of “Diet Coke” per day. Nothing was proven conclusively until a year or two after the so called “First Gulf War” when US servicemen were returning from the Gulf suffering from the so called “Gulf Syndrome”, which the US Government claimed resulted from exposure to Iraqi chemical and biological weapons. It took a European Medical facility (and some determined families) to find that diet soft drinks which were exposed to temperatures above a certain level (I believe it was in the 85 to 90 degree F range) released a substance which could form into methyl alcohol. And yes, all the symptoms of “Gulf Syndrome” were almost identical to “wood-alcohol poisoning”. And if you did not take chemistry in high school or college, the chemical reaction which takes place inside the human body when methyl alcohol is ingested, forms formaldahyde, also known as “embalming fluid”.

    Now I’m sure some know-it-alls will respond to this post criticizing and questioning what I’ve posted.

    As the saying goes, “I ain’t no doctor”, but I was a civilian employee on a military base when these troops were returning from the “First Gulf War” and learned first hand from these troops and their families what they had gone through and their efforts to find the cause of their illnesses. And yes, they showed me copies of the research from the European Medical Facility. (This was 15 years ago, so I don’t recall the name of the Medical Facility in Europe)

    So do you really want to put something into your body which has been proven (by at least one medical organization?) to be poisonous under certain conditions? Chemicals of any sort can poison the body if sufficient quantities are ingested. Can they produce cancers? Maybe, Maybe not. Would you have been drinking diet soft drinks these past years if you had known about the above?

    Give me sugar. And don’t put your trust in anything a government tells you. Just follow the money.

    • I knew any packaged drink is harmful but to avoid the guilt of drinking sugar I started diet coke.
      After coming to know that diet coke may cause Cancer,
      I supplemented diet coke with one tea and a zeera drink.It was difficult but now I do not feel crave for diet coke anymore.Occasionally I take normal coke but after reading your article, I will stop this as well.

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  • It is not very difficuly to kick the habit you slowly start reducing the intake I did the same and I am out of any cokes.

  • Guo

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