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Where to Find Miraculous Moringa in the U.S.

Maybe you’ve never heard of Moringa oleifera, a tree native to parts of Asia and possibly the Middle East and Africa. Up until this past week, I hadn’t either. But after reading about the amazing nutritional punch packed by this tree, I can’t wait to try growing one.

According to the Wichita, Kansas-based Trees for Life, Moringa leaves have — gram for gram — seven times as much vitamin C as oranges, four times as much calcium as milk (and twice as much protein), four times as much vitamin A as carrots and three times as much potassium as bananas.

moringa leaves

“These tiny leaves could save millions of lives,” Trees for Life’s Website says. “Unfortunately, even while science sings the praise of Moringa leaves, this vital information has not reached the people who need it most. Trees for Life is responding to this need, and you can help.”

If you live in a semi-arid tropical or subtropical region of the U.S., you can try growing a Moringa tree for yourself. Seeds are available from a few places across the country, including Jim Johnson’s Seedman, located in Gautier, Mississippi.

moringa seeds

You can learn a lot more about miraculous Moringa — including how to grow it, how to cook with it, even how to use it to purify water — at Trees for Life. Check it out: trust me, you will be impressed.


photos via blog.growingwithscience.com

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  • Dawna Berger

    Dear Shirley,

    I live in Los Angeles and would like to purchase the seeds of the moringa oleifera tree to plant in my backyard, but cannot find anywhere to do so. Would you give me an address or website where I can purchase these seeds?

    Thanks so much.


    • contact us for moringa seed pkm 1(919487111111)
      Evolved through pure line selection
      Seed propagated
      Medium, dwarf stature
      Pods are 60-70 cm long with 6.3 cm girth weighing 120g
      Bears 220-250 fruit per tree
      The estimated yield is 50-54 tonnes/ha
      Suitable for ratoon crop
      Low incidence of insect pest and disease
      Suitable for varied soil types (freely drained) in tropical plains

    • Svmexports offer world premium quality moringa seed for cultivation and medicinal purpose. We are capable in supplying bulk requirements of Moringa seeds (varieties Pkm 1 ).

      For More details contact us for further proceedings.

  • Shirley Siluk Gregory

    Hi Dawna,

    According to the Trees for Life Website, there are two places in California with Moringa resources: Moringa Farms in Sherman Oaks (818-995-1127) and Mariko’s Family Farm in Vista (760-806-2669). Hope that helps!

    You can find a full list of Moringa seed farms/providers at Trees for Life.

  • Hi Shirley,
    I heard it grows in Texas. Do you know where to get the Moringa vegetables (it is long bean like; also called drumstick in India)? Pl mail me if you could. Thank you!

  • Keith

    $3.62 for 15 seeds plus $5.00 shipping.

    Cheapest I’ve found the seeds.


    I’m going to try to grow some in north Texas, upper portion of zone 8.

    • liz

      I live in North Texas Zone 8. And so far, we dont have problem growing Moringa tree in our backyard. I saw my neighbors said it grows back in summer after winter freeze. Doing a test- I am monitoring it outside, and so far the well covered trunk still looks green(cross your finger). I also grown some in large container to bring inside.

      • They say that seed from Moringa trees do best if it’s from a tree grown in the area where you want to grow new plants. I am also in the North Texas area. Would you be able to share seeds or cuttings from your local plant? I would love to grow one in my yard and am looking for a local source.

      • garland beasley

        Hi, I live in North Texas and I’m interested in the Moringa trees. I would appreciate any information you can share.
        garland beasley

      • mick gorospe

        i would to try some of your seed in albuquerue new mexico
        you can contact me at:
        1029 indiana se
        albuquerque, nm 87108

  • I started growing Moringa in the Fall in our greenhouse and have started planting trees outside around our farm. I also have them for sale in the greater Tucson area, and I travel to Phoenix regularly so I can deliver them there as well. Besides selling trees and seeds ($3 for pack of 10 seeds plus postage), I plan on making the fresh and dried leaves from our organic farm available at local farmers markets etc. (probably starting in the Fall) Check out my website for more info. Thanks, Victoria

    • I’m glad to find more people interested on the Moringa Tree, planting, buying, selling, recommending, and getting familiarity about the benefits of this tree. I’ll be moving to Phoenix in the next couple days since it provides the climate necessary to plant and grow this tree, I have been a supplier in Chicago for the moringa products and found that we can help our neighbors (and ourselves) prevent over 300 diseases since the moringa leaf has the highest nutritional values than any other tree in the world (as far as I know), although the company is based our of Chicago, my move to Phoenix is more important than the Moringa, came to get married since my wife is from here, and Moringa came to be like our wedding gift (to know that Phoenix is ideal to grow it)… God is good. Anyone interested in more information about the Moringa Oleifera, selling, buying, benefits, studies being done in areas of Nutrition, Aids, Cancer, Skin, Malnutrition, and many, many more uses, please don’t hesitate to contact me at worldschoiceinc@gmail.com — May God Bless everyone.

    • May Vang

      Hi Victoria,
      I live in MN , I want to buy fresh Moringa leaves , can you tell me how much per # and I also wantto know howmuch per tree. Can you eamail me back.
      May Vang

    • Mary

      Hi Victoria you have a cutting moringa for sale in Texas and where you sale farmer market in tx

  • Ene

    I am growing Moringa in my yard and have also started selling the dried leaves from my organic farm and seedlings and seeds. I do seminars and presentations on the benefits of Moringa and how to get and grow it.

    Our website will be out soon. Meanwhile you can email me for more information and shipping.

    • maria alvarez

      Hi, Im interested in this tree, but is new for me. I live in miami florida and I want to start growing Moringa in my farm, please let me know more about it, like prices and if i need permits or something to this product, and wat i need to sell it.
      I will apreciate your help, im sorry for my english. Thank you.

    • May Vang

      Hi Ene,
      I want to know how much per # of Moringa fresh leaves or Podsand what State that you grow your Moringa? Can uoy email me back please
      May Vang

  • Ene

    My Moringa trees are growing and blooming so beautifully around my yard. The amazing thing is that I am so confident about this miracle tree that everytime I glance at it, I feel God’s presence and assurance of His word that, “every good and perfect gift comes from above……”

    This tree sure do come from Him.

    This night I came down with an allergic reaction in my throat due to an earlier spraying of ants in my garage. I started having sore throat and common cold. I took out my Moringa flower which I had earlier picked from my garden. I made my Moringa tea and sip little by little. By the time I finished the tea, I noticed the pain and soreness had gone. It was as if I had used an anaesthetic spray which numbed the pains. This is what I am talking about. The self healing system of Moringa.

    For dry and fresh Moringa leaf powder, please contact us at Moringa Mama LLC

    Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to share our Moringa experience.
    Moringa , an insurance in a plant, with life saving properties more than you can imagine.

  • mambo

    where can I buy the plant or seeds here in sacramento california. thanx!

  • jess

    im looking for seeds and plant or dried leaves of the moringa tree in houston tx can someone help

  • Janice

    Hi everyone,

    Anyone of you who want to purchase moringa seeds for planting, pls. contact me at this email ravinaj21@yahoo.com. I am a supplier of high yielding moringa plant here in the Philippines. I sell them for $3.00/20pcs seeds plus shipping $5.00 to US customers.

    I hope I can be of help. Thanks


  • janice

    I have quality moringa seeds from Philippines email me at ravinaj21@yahoo.com for prices.

  • John

    Can Moringa trees grow in houston, Tx?

    • if you’re ever in the Austin area, I’ll give you a seedling for free if you’re still interested in giving it a try in Houston. feel free to email me @ markmrobertson@yahoo.com

      • Mark

        Just a follow-up, as I continue to have pretty frequent emails asking questions about Moringas due to my comment on this forum…I don’t sell the trees, nor do I have seeds to sell. I only have a handful of trees that I started growing a while back as a hobby gardener. If you’re interested in growing in Texas or wherever, I recommend you search different seed suppliers online, like some of the ones listed in this thread, and keep an eye out for someone in your area or state that may have a tree growing who’d be willing to send you seeds.

        Again, I’m just a hobby gardener. Not selling trees or seeds, but I wish ya the best of luck. it’s such a fun tree to grow 🙂

    • Jeannie

      Yes, they can! I’ve been growing them for over 10 years. They did freeze all the way to ground level during one of our rare “real” winters, but they came back in the spring and grew over 15 feet in the season. Mine did not die back at all last winter.

  • fjarguello


    I have a business established here in the U.S where I sell Moringa seeds and moringa powder if you would like to become a distributor let me know or write me to fjarguello@gmail.com.

  • Diane parrish

    I live in Dothan, Alabama. I would love to grow a tree in my backyard, please where in this area can I buy one!

  • living

    can moringa trees grow in new york?

    • Jeannie

      If you think of Moringa trees as you would banana trees or citrus, you’ll have an idea of what it would take to grow them where you are. You might not have the set-up to grow one in the ground (such as in a conservatory or greenhouse), but you could still grow it as an annual crop.

  • Jeannie

    I live in Houston and have been growing Moringa trees here for almost 10 years. If you’d like to contact me, my email address is codecotton@yahoo.com. I sell cuttings on ebay. So far, I’m the only person who is, so it should be easy to find my listing.

  • Hello,

    I have a business established here in the Ethiopia where I sell Moringa powder if you would like to buy, let me know or write me to gemeda614@yahoo.com

  • George

    We carry seeds of Moringa tree in Florida ,from our Florida farm.
    20 seeds U$A 5.90 Sh/H included.
    You can pay with check to Lara Herbs
    or Money order or to Paypal (Accnt.: pumapc@yahoo.com)
    We carry over 10.000 live plants from 6 ” to 6 feet tall.
    Lara Herbs Llc.
    1021 C Rd.
    Ph: 561-633-8751

  • fahima

    hi i wanted some moringa either leaves or the seeds…i’ve never planted anything would really like the tree or leaves..i live in central phx….

    • Hi Fahima,
      Thanks for your inquiry. We can quote you the price details of moringa seeds and leaves(dried) if you provide your mail id. Kindly send your mail details to svmexports@gmail.com .


  • Aya

    Hi folks!

    don’t you know that powdered moringa is healthier than the leaves. I advice you to buy the moringa capsule :))I know where to buy it for affordable price!!


  • Aya
  • Josephine

    Hi there, I can supply moringa seeds to anyone interested at a cheap price. Kindly contact me on joegirlbaby@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  • Tiemo Josephine

    Hi, It’s me again.Get 20 moringa seeds for $1 plus extra charges for shipping. Call +2348062364433 to place your orders.Delivery takes 14 days. Thank you. Josephine.

  • gnet

    is it possible to grow moringa in san francisco, ca?

    • Janice

      Yes, I had a buyer of seeds from Elk Grove, CA. Send me message at ravinaj21@yahoo.com for your required seeds. Thanks.

      • Janice

        You may order at least 200pcs/packet including shipping to your place in CA, in just 7days for only $50.

  • Here is a good place for Moringa Seeds and Trees, located in CaliforinaMoringa Oleifera Nursery

  • Alozie

    i can supply moringa seed from Africa to anybody.email me :

  • If you are in the houston area and are selling The maringa eleofera tree call me at 713-907-9844, or email me at donnreamer@att.net

  • hi, I live in Las Vegas and No one knows what I am talking about. I would like to buy some real seeds (not imitation) Amazon .com has some for sale, but I don’t trust them. Is there a place in Las Vegas or Los Angeles that I can buy them from? Please let me know asap. hector_ledezma99@yahoo.com or 702-713-6231

  • Hi, we have just located to Spring Valley, CA. We are located in San Diego County. We sell quality Honduras Moringa powder in caps that have been tested for E-coli, mold, and bacteria by a US lab in Florida. That lab also bottles our product so you can be assured of safety. I sell Moringa seeds from Honduras and will be selling Moringa seedlings locally here in late Spring. I will not be able to ship them at this point. Call me at 619-303-0993 for questions or orders. I have a blog with a huge amount of information on Moringa. Thanks

  • Darlene

    what is your website address, please!

  • Melinda M.

    Hi there,
    Do you sell the fresh leaves, not the dried?


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